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California Ocean
Blue Ocean


The movement of the water is very soothing and extremely relaxing. The ebb and flow of the water mimics the journey of life. Commonality breeds comfort and allows us to easily relate to its holistic power. Breathing in and out, giving and receiving, coming and going, expressing yourself and looking inward; the water reminds us that life means movement.


Bodies of water are vast entities with unknown borders. They are very organic in nature and give us a sense of freedom that allows us to be ourselves. Often one of the few places that we can feel this in our hectic lives.


There’s nothing like making a wish on an object and tossing it into the water with the hopes of magical things coming your way.


Beach walks clear our minds and allow us time to reconnect with our inner selves. They

allow you to through your cares to the wind and also into the sea. It’s also a great opportunity to let go of something that no longer serves you in a positive way ie.

Unhealthy patterns of behaviour. The list goes on…………………

A good stretch before a workout.
Beach Exercise


The flow and sound of the water is a great backdrop for many forms of meditation and

Allow you to reach a deeper level of consciousness. This trance-like state creates

The ideal forum for mindfulness and spiritual alignment. Both pillars on your journey

To being your best self.

Beachfront Meditation


A spiral is the ancient symbol of the journey of life, of growth and rebirth. Its a common

Shape among snails and shells that are found along the beach. The journey goes

Deeper and deeper, right down to the core. The spiral imitates the things that we have

Experienced in our lives and on our way there. The things that we’ve learned and

Mastered all become solidified in the core so that we can bring them out again as

Wisdom. Every new experience is one you store inside, and you go a little deeper

Every time you do it.


We all benefit from the sea as it’s plant life can contribute to our overall health.

Seaweed and algae are a sustainable source of protein and iron. Oil from algae

Is a plant-based replacement for fish oil, a source of omega 3 fatty acids. Algae oil

Capsules also come in a vegan variety; not made of gelatin, but of seaweed. Kelp

Is full of minerals, iodine particularly, and also rich in vitamins A, C and E. Its used

As a salt replacement and makes your skin glow. This is the ingestible form of

Seaweed but you can also make a kelp powder bath to give your body and mineral



Happiness Magazine Practice Peace Issue 21

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