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Have you ever experienced a calming sense of peace and serenity while strolling along a beach adjacent to a large body of water?

This shifting of consciousness is what marine biologist Wallace Nichols, calls BLUE MIND.

A new discovery in the emerging field of NEUROCONSERVATION, Blue Mind describes the mildly meditative state that is characterized by peacefulness, unity, and a general sense of happiness with life IN THE MOMENT. It is inspired by water and all of the elements associated with it from the colour blue to the words that we use to express the euphoria that we feel when we are near it or immersed in it.

It takes advantage of neurological connections formed over many years, Many such brain patterns and preferences are only being discovered now due to innovative scientists and cutting-edge technology. In a world where so many experience daily exhaustion, screen fatigue, and anxiety, which in turn can lead to chronic illness, insomnia and chemical dependencies, Blue Mind can offer a connection to a deep health and well-being boost that taps into ancient neural pathways.

Blue Mind is named for the combination of two scientific conversations

  • the future and explanation of waters, lakes, rivers and oceans

  • neuroscience research right now that suggests that being by the water has the potential to alleviate cognitive conditions and physical ailments

This discovery could offer new insight into the human psyche and the healing qualities of water. The research is conducted by neuropsychologists who use a range of methods

  • interviews, surveys and questionnaires

  • measuring stress hormones in saliva

  • monitor breathing and heart rates

  • measuring electrical activity (EEG) and oxygen flow (fMRI) to the brain as subjects engage with a variety of activities and stimuli

The results show that human beings have a natural predisposition to be soothed by bodies of water. This act of wellness is something that is desperately needed by people all over the world. It would appear that humans, as a species, have switched into what neuroscientists call Red Mind on a day-to-day basis. This is quite opposite to Blue Mind and can be detrimental to health. Red Mind is an "edgy high, characterized by stress, anxiety, fear, and maybe some anger and despair." A result of the physiological fight-or-flight response that evolved to help us survive, Red Mind has wound up being the go-to brain setting for inappropriate situations. This is believed to be a reaction to the bombardment of constant information and a way of living not conducive to humans' biological needs.

These days we are in Red Mind mode a lot. With the uncertainty of the worldwide pandemic, and the fact that we have information constantly streaming in demanding our attention, we are more distracted, anxious, and stressed than ever. Left unchecked that Red Mind becomes Gray Mind, which is a numbed-out, indifferent, listless, and depressive state. Stress and anxiety can cause or exacerbate many diseases, disorders, and unhealthy conditions. The stress hormone, cortisol, is known to promote inflammation which impedes healing. Activities that remove or reduce stress, such as taking time to be by the water, can complement health care.

Being on, in, or even near water has now been proven to imbue the senses, help to quieten and still overactive minds, and even balance hormones. It also helps us to tap into insight, creativity, and compassion that might otherwise be suppressed.

"To tap into our Blue Mind, we must close down the screens, log out, stand up and walk outside." From here, we travel until we glimpse the water, then move closer until we're at it's edge. We can walk along it's shores, climb onto a boat or board, or strip down and submerge. Here, the auditory, visual, and somatic processing is simplified. Assuming we'll feel comfortable and safe, our minds and bodies can be restored. Our brain switches into a different mode where creativity, insight, and connections with others are enhanced. We are open to the experience of awe and wonder, which can boost empathy and compassion. Our breathing and heart rate tends to slow down. We let our minds wander and dream. Waterside is a place for play, romance, a sense of peace and freedom, contemplation, grieving and remembering.

The magic and importance of allowing yourself to experience Blue Mind on a regular basis becomes clear.

This is our hope and vision for our guests at IN THE MOMENT.

We provide the serene, comfortable and calming interior as well as the gorgeous waterfront and beach that we hope will inspire you to be IN THE MOMENT with yourself during your stay. This will enable you to experience BLUE MIND as well as many other modalities of mindfulness and consciousness that we hope to provide for you.



Article "In The Blue" from Breathe The Mindfulness Special

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