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Iron Chef Niagara

Chef Darren Stoute, owner of Stoute Catering based in Niagara Wine Country. We were thrilled to have Chef Darren at In The Moment, where he prepared a fabulous meal for our guests, one of which was celebrating a milestone birthday.

Not only was the food amazing, Chef Darren's charismatic energy delighted our guests as he was able to speak to them about his gourmet menu choices. You can visit Chef Darren at

Gourmet Grill


  • Grilled eggplant topped with mixed vegetables and goat cheese, accompanied with spring mix Suggested wine: Chardonnay, barrel age

  • Grilled shrimp on a bed of spicy citrus salsa Suggested wine: Riesling

  • Grilled pork medallion marinated with smoke hoisen sauce, accompanied by arugula and peach Suggested wine: Pinot noir

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