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In The Moment Full Suite

"Thank you for your accommodating me for my special occasion, I couldn't ask for a better setting. Your gift was very kind and thoughtful and you made me feel very welcomed. I really can't suggest anything for improvement as you have thought of everything and like I mentioned when I arrived on Friday, you really have to be In The Moment and enjoy the experience. The decor is breathtaking, everyone couldn't get over how tasteful you put the house together. I think every room is designed with peace and serenity in mind to create the perfect stay. On Saturday everything went excellent. Darren did not disappoint and he was very professional and based on the way the food was prepared, I could tell he listened attentively during our conversation while creating the menu. Not only was he a great cook but he also chatted to everyone and how tasteful you put the house together. He also took the time to explain each dish that he prepared. I am very happy you recommended him, it made everything so much easier. I will be sure to leave you an amazing review and hope to rent your property sometime in the future again."

Take care,


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